David's Experience


David Drake has been a personal trainer since 1996, when he graduated from Furman University with a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science. In 2000, David Drake was named Charleston’s best personal trainer in the City Paper. David strives to optimize the full mental, physical, and chemical (nutritional) potential of each client. His focus on holistic healing and wellness allows each client to explore and choose his or her own unique path to reaching their fitness goals.  David’s vision is to help his clients shift beyond fitness by first, rediscovering  proper movement and developing functional strength.  

Skill Set


With 20 years of experience, David has studied and tested many training philosophies to develop a style that is both fun and challenging for his clients. StrongFirst has been the major influence in his recent approach to strength training with kettlebells and barbells.  David is a body mechanic, with and eye for proper technique, corrective exercise and coaching cues.  Optimal mobility and strength will open the doors to great fitness and health.  He believes that if it’s worth doing, then learn to do it right!  David specializes in one-on-one and group training using calisthenics, kettlebells and barbells. --   Strength is a skill that must be practiced!



If you prefer the high energy and community of a class setting, Drake Fitness  will offer small group classes with a maximum capacity of 10 trainees. The class template starts off with mobility and flexibility. Then we engage in a strength component for the upper and lower body. Finally, metabolic conditioning is addressed through short 5-10 minute finishing drills to burn calories and build stamina. Core exercises are practiced throughout the 60 minute session.   All ages and experience levels are welcome!